Stress in the Healthcare Industry

What is meditation? Meditation is a higher state of consciousness that relaxes the body and mind while simultaneously refreshing and energizing it.  It is often referred to as a state of alert wakefulness.

Fight Compassion Fatigue

Besides the stress factors that are shared by everyone in the workplace; fear of job loss, juggling personal and private commitments, difficult interpersonal relations, the medical profession face specific stressors that are unique.

  • Compassion fatigue—the stress that comes from caring too much can strike any healthcare worker. Because they care so deeply about their patients, healthcare professionals who listen to stories of fear, pain and suffering can find themselves empathetically experiencing similar emotions. This stress is stored in the body and eventually manifests as disease.
  • The ‘burnt out phenomenon’, consists of a triad of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization (treating patients and other people as if they were objects) and low productivity/achievements. Medical professionals cannot afford to be sick as this could compromise the quality of care they offer leading to fear of litigation and further stress

Most people cope with stress by finding unhealthy release through drinking, drugs and sex. Meditation offers a healthy and powerful antidote to stress. It has been around for thousands of years because it works.