“Happiness is my birthright. I will be happy right now, today and every day. I will not allow any event, any situation or any person to deny me that.”

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Hamsa Meditation was founded in 2014 to bring meditation to the South Florida community. It then expanded from Kanchana’s living room to grief counseling centers, addiction clinics, and free online live stream sessions for the public. Hamsa Meditation’s YouTube channel features hundreds of empowering videos on a vast range of topics.

Why Hamsa? 

In the Jewish tradition the symbol for Hamsa is the hand. Hamsa is a talismanic symbol to ward away dark forces and bring goodness, abundance, fertility, luck and good health.

Hamsa, in Sanskrit is the mystic swan or goose; the holy vehicle of Goddess (Goddess of learning and wisdom) which, when given milk mixed with water, drank only the milk and left the water, milk standing for spirit and water for matter.

With Hamsa Meditation, Kanchana’s vision was to empower people to take the good and leave the bad in life and always be centered and happy in the face of adversity.

What we do:

Hamsa meditators meet as a group once weekly in different locations in south Florida to meditate, share knowledge and positive energy.

The vision:

Hamsa Meditation’s vision is to share the  transformative power of collective positive energy through group meditation. Through the practices of breathing, meditation and knowledge,  anyone can live happy, goal-oriented, fulfilling lives.

How it all started: 

The practices of breathing and meditation transformed my life over the last decade and allowed me to primarily discover writing. Hamsa meditation as a group came together recently, when a close friend asked if I would teach her and a few friends to meditate.
It has grown exponentially, with plans to expand the energy.

Now on Periscope! 

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