What is Meditation? 

Meditation is a higher state of consciousness that relaxes the body and mind while simultaneously refreshing and energizing it. It is often referred to as a state of alert wakefulness.

What happens during meditation and what this means for you

  • During meditation the body sinks into a deep relaxed state and the breath slows down. However, it differs from deep sleep, in that awareness is heightened during meditation.
  • Meditation is a cleansing process that is the only true rest you can give to the mind.
  • Meditation is as necessary for the mind as sleep is for the body. It rejuvenates and energizes the body and mind, allowing you to have an active and fruitful day.
  • Studies have shown that meditation increases the density of grey matter in the brain, which may result in clarity of thought and idea. The period right after meditation is usually your most creative, as concepts originate intuitively from your inner self; and most often those are the best ideas.
  • Meditation eliminates fear. Behind every fear is the fear of death. Meditation gives you that glimpse of what you can expect after death. When you voluntarily drop the body and mind and are able to emerge once again from that state, it implants the idea of permanence.
  • Meditation relieves stress. The body is so relaxed during meditation that areas of accumulated stress get released. People suffering from severe migraines often find a lot of relief during meditation. Meditation paves the way for better health.
  • Meditation takes you into the stillness of the self so that you can be more active during the day. ‘When you string a bow, the more you bend the bow and pull back, the further the arrow travels. Similarly the more you retreat into the stillness of the self, the more you contribute during the day.’
  • Meditation puts you in touch with your consciousness and when there is heightened awareness you have the clarity of mind to make better choices. This makes for a powerful antidote for those suffering from the repercussions of addiction as a result of bad choices.
  • Meditation does not make you listless and lethargic. In fact it fills you with energy and changes the quality of the day.