Child Brides: The Practice Continues, lamentably so

The theme for my book is on child brides. Child marriage is an abhorrent practice that deprives children of any semblance of childhood, literally hurling them into roles they are completely unprepared for.  I watch the Indian soap opera,  Balika Vadhu, which showcases the defects and problems caused by such a  system, raising public awareness which I hope will make for serious changes in Indian society. For people in the West this article is an eye opener, performing a humanitarian task by merely creating awareness about their plight. It is my hope and prayer that this will increase the chances of such practices being completely eliminated from our society The world is a small place and women need to speak about this issue and make the change happen. Till such time pre-pubescent girls will continue to be tortured  and die as they battle with a role they are ill prepared for.