Kanchana Krishnan Ayyar, winner of several literary awards for her three highly acclaimed books, has taught Indian philosophy, yoga and mythology for 25 years in three continents. Her latest book, “The Present: a Gift from the Divine,” a revelation on happiness and the power of the present has received a rare endorsement from H.H. the Dalai Lama. She runs Hamsa Meditation groups in south Florida and has a vision of bringing meditation to the workplace, addiction centers and women’s shelters. Look for her upcoming breathing and meditation workshops.


Writing is my first love and my head is filled with untold stories waiting to be told. Writing from the heart makes my work creative and personal.

Self Empowerment

What do you dream of but are too scared to try? Is the inertia and humdrum of life holding you back? What prevents you from living each day completely happy?

Hamsa Meditation

Meditation is a state of “alert wakefulness.” It does for the mind, what sleep provides for the body and is perhaps the only true rest your mind will ever receive.